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With pop-ups, the mall is being reimagined

  Malls recognize that their survival is dependent on the evolution of how they engage shoppers.   What is the result?   The mall pop-up is back. Mall operators used to be reluctant to allow a pop-up in their hallowed halls. Instead, they signed long-term lease agreements.   Today,  pop ups are revitalizing malls  and attracting shoppers.   Here are the reasons. Reach a larger, more diverse audience Pop-up spaces are often thought of as an outdoor parking lot, park, or local storefront.   The mall space is not the only option.   Pop-ups in malls offer huge opportunities to reach new clients. Shopping malls can be a place where shoppers go to find the best mix of traditional stores and new experiences.   The mall can be remodeled to give shoppers a surprise element in an environment they have grown to expect. Although pop-ups are great in unexpected places, they require that you work harder to promote your installation and increase awareness.   You can also benefit from the regular foot

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